Friday, June 27, 2014

From Where I Stand

Sometimes moving on means assessing where we are. How often when we're lost do we stop to see where we are before deciding which way to turn? For myself, I have made decisions without assessing where I'm coming from and where I intend to go. So instead, I have made a conscience decision to see where I stand and have understood that where I stand is a threshold to happiness.

I chose my blog name– Threshold to Happiness– because I long for fulfillment and peace in my life, but this is something I need to choose everyday. I need to choose happiness. Choose joy. Choose God. The biggest part of finding this kind of fulfillment cannot be found on this blog, but rather by going outside and soaking up some vitamin d, spending time drinking coffee and sharing my heart with a good friend, and taking a bubble bath on a Friday afternoon. More importantly, I have found that true fulfillment means seeking Christ in all ways. I'm by no means perfect, but this blog is another way of helping me navigate and understand the things I've learned in my own life.

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